Thursday Thirteen – Say “I love you”


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Today is my first time to participate in Thursday Thirteen.   Since this is the month of love, my first post will be 13 ways to tell your husband “I love you!”. 

  1. Write him a poem.
  2. Send him a card – to his work?  Or leave it in his vehicle. 
  3. Call just to say “I love you!”
  4. Make him his favorite meal or favorite treat.
  5. Treat him to a foot rub.
  6. Do one of his chores.
  7. Do something nice for his mother.
  8. Leave little notes around for him to find.
  9. Rent one of his favorite movies and watch it with him.
  10. Tell him how much you appreciate him – be specific.
  11. Compliment him in public.
  12. Forgive him instantly – for the small stuff – without him asking.
  13. Be open and honest with him – he can’t read your mind.

View the New Thursday 13 here for a list of participants.

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  1. What a sweet list! My hubby is out of town and I miss being able to do things for him.

  2. Ah, sending prayers your way for a quick and safe return!

  3. […] 13 Ways to Say “I Love You”. […]

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