Thursday Thirteen ~ Beautiful Words


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“Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life…”
~Phil­ip P. Bliss
13 of the most beautiful words in the English language:

   1.  Jesus
  2.  Love
  3.  Salvation
  4.  Hope
  5.  Faith
  6.  Joy
  7.  Children
  8.  Laughter
  9.  Peace
10.  Happiness
11.   Family
12.   Home
13.   Sandwich :)

Once you get going, it’s hard to stop!  I wanted to add simplify, inspire, touch, life, freedom, purity… 

What word would you have on your list?  Which one would you add to mine?

View the New Thursday 13 here for a list of participants.

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  1. Great list… I am not sure what word I would have on my list. I will have to give that some thought.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on this list! What a simple short list of words that couldn’t have more meaning and beauty! #3 brings the most comfort and assurance, I love it!!!!
    God is Good!

  3. Beauty in anything is all a matter of personal taste, I guess. Some very nice words there. A few I’m less enthusiastic about.

  4. I would definitely have laughter on the list. But as a writer, I think all words are beautiful. :)

  5. Great list. I would add, nature. Happy T13!

  6. You got me at #13. That was a funny way to end a lovely list.

  7. Great idea for a 13 list, the last one left me hungry though.

  8. OOh any list that starts with Jesus and ends with SANDWICH is very very cool to me! :)

  9. Beautiful list. Although for me personally I would have to exchange the one on #1 with Joss – but that’s basically the same meaning in my world. LOL
    One of my favorite words is Serenity.

  10. Love your list, but I’d add chocolate! :)

  11. These are beautiful words…I agree with you.

  12. What a great list!

  13. Oh, I agree to CHOCOLATE!

  14. You pretty much had them all covered :-) How about potato chips?

  15. […] Thirteen Beautiful Words […]

  16. I really like #6…tee hee!!! ;)

  17. It took me a second to get that, Joy! :)

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