Thursday 13

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This week’s prompt is 13 things “you loved about your wedding”.  I eloped so I’m going with 13 things I loved about my elopement.  :)

 1.  Having total control without the stress of trying to please anyone but me and my groom

 2.  No money wasted on tux rentals and things I would never use again

 3.  No invitations to choose, address, send;  no worries about forgetting to send invitations

 4.  No stressing over the cake, the colors, the location…

 5.  No wedding disaster stories 

 6.  No scheduling conflicts with the church or family or…

 7.  No months of planning and preparing or endless disappointments

 8.  No hard feelings over having people travel from out of state and only seeing them briefly and not being able to really visit

 9.   No distractions.  My true love and I were able to have total focus on each other.

 10.  No time wasted searching for the perfect dress.  In my price range.

 11.  No expensive  pre-wedding or post-wedding obligations

 12. Eloping is very romantic

 13.  No disappointments over unrealistic expectations of  “a perfect wedding”!  

I am a hopeless romantic, so of course I believe weddings are romantic also, when the conditions  (the people you want to be there can be there, the location is available, the date you want works, you have someone to marry…) are right.  

However, I have heard of some brides who desperately wanted a wedding and eloped instead and they were forever lamenting their lost wedding.  So elopement isn’t for everyone.   I would totally do it again.   I feel bad for brides with unrealistic expectations that leave them with lifetime of regrets – over one day.  It’s not worth it!  I think it’s easy to place too much emphasis on that one day.  

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  1. I would think it’d be so romantic too!!!

    My 13 is posted….all flowers in our yard, done in a collage for you. Drop by if you can find time. Happy Thursday.

  2. Hmmm….sounds romantic to me, in some ways. Can you elope and still get married in a church? That’s what I would want – lol! Happy Thursday!

    Thursday 13 – edition 3
    Weekly Plans 4/13-4/20

  3. wow. Great list :)

  4. Yes, Krissy, we actually were married in a church! :)

  5. great list!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. :)

    Happy TT!!

  6. I don’t plan to marry ever, but if I would I would certainly choose to elope and have the day all to myself without pesky family obligations and all that. :-)

  7. I wanna elope, just to say “I’m married in all ways!”
    Great list :)

    T13 – 54th Edition
    Weekly Plans: Come join in the fun

  8. You succeeded in eloping? Lucky bug. Our families found out about our courthouse wedding and got their claws into it. Still managed to keep it low key but had maybe a hundred people involved before we were through.

  9. Elopement is an excellent idea. Big weddings are really an excuse for egocentric brides to be the center of attention, and cost a lot of money which cold be better spent elsewhere, not on useless fripperies.

  10. I’m curious, how did your families take the news?

  11. You just named 13 reasons I’ll elope if I’m ever convinced to get legally married. *grin*

    Happy TT


  12. I would have loved a wedding like yours. Mine was a big show organized by my father where we were only starring ! I have no real memories of it. There were mostly people I didn’t even know !

  13. Pamela, our familes were fine with it, otherwise we wouldn’t have gone through with it. :)

  14. Great list. I didn’t get the prompt until after I’d written my T13 so I’m running the wedding list next Thursday.

  15. What a fun list! My husband and I did not elope, we got married in a park. My oldest daughter just got married in December (2008), so I can relate to all the things expected of a wedding! Their wedding was beautiful though, and they both enjoyed the day very much…which is what we hoped for. We were very blessed that everything went well, no unexpected problems, etc. Eloping does have advantages too…I can totally see my youngest daughter eloping!

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