American Goulash

Here is a recipe for a lower salt version of American Goulash.

You will need to double check your ingredients for the salt content because it will vary with product, brand, etc.  According to one source, “Generally, a food is considered “low sodium” if it has less than 140 mg of sodium cloride per serving. ”

1/2 to 1lb ground beef (70 mg for 4 oz – I used sirloin, 16 oz)
PictSweet Seasoning Blend (onions, celery, red peppers, green peppers, parsley) or use fresh for even less salt  (PictSweet has 25mg salt for 3/4 cup)
Elbow macaroni (0 mg of sodium)
1-29 ounce can tomato puree (15 mg 1/4 cup)
Salt-free chili powder
Salt-free garlic (or fresh minced garlic)
Salt-free pepper

Brown the ground beef and vegetable mix until done.  Cook the pasta noodles according to package directions.  Add beef to cooked and drained noodles.  Add seasonings to taste. 

Then dump a heap of Spanish Gardens Taco Seasoning and All Purpose Spice on top of the portion for anyone not on a salt-restricted diet and pity those that are on the diet.  Just kidding about that last part, even if that is what I did on the sly when I made this dish last night.

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