13 Wildflowers

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Here are some flowers that are blooming in my yard right now.  I am learning the names of the flowers and have had to look most of these up.  Therefore, I may have misidentified one or two or… 

Please leave me a comment with any corrections.  ;o) 

Ok, one of these I really don’t want in my yard and would call it a “weed”.  Can you guess which one?  :o) 

(First photo for 1-7 second photo is for 8-13)


The center red flower is from a Rose bush at the back of the property, and on the bottom of the rose rests a red Yucca flower.

1.  The blue petals on the rose at the top left are from a Texas Bluebonnet.

2.  The yellow flower above the red rose is a yellow Texas Dandelion.

3.  The orange and yellow blooms on the right that (sorry) are fallen over are from a Lantana plant.

5.  The purple flowers hiding under the rose are purpleSpiderwort and beside the purple spiderwort are blue Erect Dayflower(White-mouth Dayflower, Widow’s Tears) of the spiderwort family.  The purple is growing wild in several locations.  The blue is at the back of the property.

6.  The tiny yellow clover flower at the left corner (again fallen over) is Yellow Wood Sorrel (Sour Grass).  The stuff kids like to chew. 

7. The large purple flower to the right of the Lantana and below the spiderwort on the bottom is a Wild Petunia.


8.  The small purple flower above the Orange Lantana isHenbit.

9.  At the top, below the yellow Texas Dandelion, is a yellow Sowthistle.

10.  The teeny blue flower under the Sowthistle is a Speedwell.

10.  The small white flowers below the sowthistle are Crow Poison wildflower blooms.

11.  White flower at top right corner is a Silver dwarf morning-glory.

12.  The small purple flower on the far left is a Drummond’s Skullcap.

13.  The tiny yellow flowers below the blue Spiderwort is Straggler Daisy(Horseherb)

*Bonus ;0)
14.  The tiny purple flower in the center of the red flower is unknown.
15.  The ground-pine looking plant with the white flower at the top is also unknown.

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  1. Wonderful wildflowers!!! I shared ROSES growing in my garden this week ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I bet it is gorgeous. Love wildflowers. Happy T13!

  3. I would have never known the names of these wild flowers if not for this list!

  4. Oh, I’m so jealous! We’ve barely got mud here post flood :/

  5. Hi,
    I wish we also have those lovely wild flowers here ;) Thanks for the visit!

  6. Beautiful flowers!
    Good info too :)

  7. Yeah, pretty flowers. Those aren’t happening up here in Maine yet.

  8. wow, those are so pretty!

  9. Pretty flowers! I wish I had a garden Happy Thursday!

    Thursday 13 – edition 5
    Laundry love…and hate

  10. Beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing them.

    See my Thursday 13 at http://petrini1.livejournal.com/

  11. great list! i’m guessing you are counting the Texas Dandelion as a weed? i’ve never understood that — I think it’s one of the coolest plants ever!!

  12. No, good guess! I agree with you! The correct answer is the “sowthistle”. :)

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