Sister’s Mexican Rice

  1 cup rice
  2 cups broth
  green peppers
  clove garlic
  1 pk Sazon Goya (has MSG)
  1 tomato bullion
  1 chicken bullion
  1 can corn (drained, can save water to use instead of/with broth)
Brown uncooked rice in EVOO (stir constantly until it turns translucent, not really brown – to keep the rice from getting sticky), add garlic (Only cook it long enough for it to release it’s aroma but before it turns brown and bitter.)  

Stir in chopped veggies (have prepared in advance).  Add corn and seasonings.

After you add the liquid, bring the rice to a full, rolling boil before turning it down to low and putting the lid on. Also, make sure you have a tight fitting lid or cover it with foil to make it tighter. Don’t stir or lift the lid! After 20 minutes (to 1 hour – check package instructions) move it off the heat and let it sit an extra 5 minutes. 

If mushy, cover w/ fire off.  If still hard add water and cook longer.

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