Thursday 13 Cats

t-13-catHeader from Samulli

My husband is an animal lover.  A stray tortoiseshell cat came one day and he began feeding her.  We couldn’t locate her owner (years later I discovered that the owner had moved and left her) and the neighborhood kept feeding her; she bonded with my children and never left.  Sadly, she passed away earlier this year.  She really was a great cat, very gentle with children.  However, despite my requests to have her fixed, she wasn’t.   Her kittens were to be fixed when they were old enough. 

They weren’t.  We ended up with two of her kittens, each girls.   One is a gray tabby with touches of tortoiseshell markings.  The other is a beautiful black cat.  Yesterday the  gray tabby cat had five kittens.  His black cat had 6 a few weeks ago.   Here are their names:

1.  Mimi (gray tabby Ma Cat, so named because she favored her own Ma.  However, this cat has the rare knack of going anywhere and everywhere.  Therefore, I call her Cockamimi.)
Her litter are known as:
2.  Charley (from Charlotte, as in Charlotte’s web, because he/she is the runt)
3.  Benji (because it’s yellow and my kids just watched the movie. :0)
4.  Mismo (because it looks most like it’s mother)
5.  Sister (maybe brother, I’ve yet to examine the sex on this one, because it looks most like Mismo)
6.  Smokey (it’s dark gray)
7.  Oprah (the other Mama Cat, she’s a beautiful black female.)
And her kittens are called:
8.  Thing 1 (all black and can’t tell it apart from Thing 2)
9.  Thing 2
10.  Shelley (because she is a tortoiseshell kitten)
11.  Nana (looks most like the grandma cat)
12.  Face (has the cutest face)
13.  Georgia (She is the 4th tortoiseshell cat and the most curious.  If she were a boy she would have been Curious George.)


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  1. Aww…I love cats especially tortoiseshell. Sorry for the loss of the original stray visitor. Enjoyed reading your list of names for all the kittens. :)

  2. Aww We had kitt.y Sad? I know?

  3. I’m more of a dog lover .. but these kittens are sooo cute!!

    Happy TT. :)

  4. Kewl T-13 this week. Like Kristi I’m a dog lover but a feral kitty adopted me more than a dozen years ago and I’ve fed her twice daily ever since … though SHE lives outside. Fortunately she was ‘fixed’ before she found me so I didn’t go the kitten route ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

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