Thursday 13 Things That Terrify…

(slash terrified) all or one of my children, at one point or other

T-13 Kids
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  1. Spiders
  2. Snakes
  3. The Dark
  4. Monsters
  5. “Ghost-is”
  6. The Squeak Monster (illustrated on a Recorder instruction booklet)
  7. Aliens
  8. Warning Signs
  9. Frostbite
  10.  The egg illustration on the side of a Kroger egg box
  11.  “Groucho” glasses (the kind with nose and mustache attached)
  12. The animated deer on “Are We There Yet?”
    And last but not least…
  13. “Googling Gaggies” (Which, despite the name has nothing to do with Google or the internet, but is solely the stuff of nightmares in an imaginative little mind)

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  1. I am trying to picture what kind of illustration on an egg carton would be scary….kids are funny about what they are afraid of. Sometimes it’s just so off the wall.

  2. great idea!

  3. Okay, so what is a googling gaggley??

  4. The first two on your list reminded me of a song from the 70’s. I can’t remember who sang it, but the song was called something like “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes.” It was cute and funny, so now I have to try to find it on YouTube, LOL! Happy TT to you.

  5. I wasn’t terrified of snakes and spiders when I was a kid. I am now. Happy T13.

  6. Now, I MUST check out the egg illustration.

    My 13 is posted. Either use the link provided at the top of my Thursday blog or scroll down to the bottom of the entry. It’s English for Dummies!… Have a great day.

  7. Now I have to look at egg cartons! Great list. I have no idea what #13 is, though.

  8. LOL @ The Squeak Monster too funny
    I remember one of my boys watching the movie, Gremlins. Poor kid had bad dreams for weeks. Geesh!
    Fun list. Happy T13!

  9. We don’t have Krogers here… Now I’m nostalgic for Virginia lol Happy TT!

  10. Yikes!
    It’s hard to narrow it down to 13 :)

  11. Good list of scary things. Happy TT!

  12. Interesting list of things to be scared of.Not sure what 13 is either. May have to look that up.

    Happy TT & Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ditto with spiders and snakes!!

  14. LOL! That song actually came to my mind as well. Jim Stafford sang that.

  15. It is a fictional character that exists solely in my child’s imagination. Like most fears.

  16. Kewl idea for a T-13 ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. It’s an Onomatopoeia and can be found in the nightmares of my child.

  18. awww…poor kiddos. I know I was always afraid of the dark and one of my dreams – a monster chasing me up the hill in front of our house at the time. Happy Thursday!

    Thursday 13 – edition 7
    101 Things About Me

  19. There’s at least one on the list I’m still afraid of(spiders). And another I respectfully avoid(snakes). Great list. Happy T-13.

  20. Okay now I’m googling googling gaggies. I have caboodles on noodles and the whole shebang.

  21. If you are afraid of the egg…are you afraid of Mr. Peanut?

  22. […] Thirteen Things That Terrify… (slash terrified) all or one of my children, at one point or other […]

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