Hello ~ Continued…

For Sunday Scribblings ~ Disconnected
After I wrote Hello (see post here), about the phone being dead, my friend Kim challenged me to write a poem about the computer being on the blink.  It just so happened that the computer also went out that day.  The following is my reply to Kim’s request:

The Story I Tell

That fateful day when the phone went dead, 
I simply sat at on my computer instead!
‘Twas naught but heaven surfing, IM’ing, and that
till a quarter past seven,
When the line when flat, so I sat
As my heaven turned to h-!
When all power was lost to my Dell
That’s just Swell, said I with a yell!
I stared at the thing for a minute or two
What’s a girl to do?  Thank you!
Couldn’t pay my bill
Check a recipe for my meal
Get the number for Dr. Cook
Renew my past-due library book
Google the rash on my cat
Thank of that?!  So, I sat.
Thought of sweeping the floor
What a bore!
Considered washing the dishes –
Hubby wishes!
The laundry was calling
Yet   I   kept   stalling
Just waiting for the juice to return
Whilst my anger then turned to concern
Live like this forever?
No power on earth can sever
The love of me for my CPU
It would be funny, were it not true
Then, oh glory, the power came back
There was no time to lack
I kissed my Dell
And wrote another email
And all was well…
Or at least that’s the story I tell.

~ Auntie Q

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  1. A well-written piece! I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Funny!

    Considered washing the dishes –
    Hubby wishes!

    My favorite lines.


  3. you tell a good story :)

    Happy SS

  4. Ha ha and all was well…I am back to that point now

  5. My tale of disconnection begins with my computer, too… though it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like kissing my (frustratingly slow) Dell!

  6. Funny – that’s exactly how it feels!

  7. this is cute :D
    i totally paid a bill and renewed library books this weekend via my [macbook].

  8. Yikes! No electricity?? For how long?? oh nooooo!

  9. The electricity never went out, thank goodness, but something went crazy with the phone line.

  10. Too funny. What a nice set of rhyme with humor, and with the message how dependent we become on this new technology that’s no longer so new. Our very sense of self is rocked when the power goes out. Thanks for writing more.

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