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Friday Funny

One day I was looking through my collection of children’s books to select a book for a read-aloud, I picked up a random book and opened to a random page on said random book and began reading:

Pooh!” squeaked the voice.
“It’s Piglet!” cried Pooh eagerly. “Where are you?”
“Underneath, ” said Piglet in an underneath sort of way.
“Underneath what?”
“You,” squeaked Piglet. “Get up!”
 “Oh!” said Pooh, and he scrambled up as quickly as he could. “Did I fall on you, Piglet?”
“You fell on me,” said Piglet, feeling himself all over.
“I didn’t mean to,” said Pooh sorrowfully.
I didn’t mean to be underneath,” said Piglet sadly. “But I’m all right now, Pooh, and I am so glad it was you.
“What’s happened?” said Pooh. “Where are we?”
I think we’re in a sort of Pit. I was walking along, looking for somebody, and suddenly I wasn’t any more, and just when I got up to see where I was, something fell on me. And it was you.”
“So it was,” said Pooh.
“Yes,” said Piglet. “Pooh,” he went on nervously, and came a little closer, “do you think we’re in a Trap?”
Pooh hadn’t thought about it at all, but now he nodded. For suddenly he remembered how he and Piglet had once made a Pooh Trap for Heffalumps, and he guessed what had happened. He and Piglet had fallen into a Heffalump Trap for Poohs! That was what it was.
“What happens when the Heffalump comes?” asked Piglet trembling, when he had heard the news.
“Perhaps he won’t notice you, Piglet,” said Pooh encouragingly, “because you’re a Very Small Animal.”
“But he’ll notice you, Pooh.”
“He’ll notice me, and I shall notice him,” said Pooh, thinking it out.
“We’ll notice each other for a long time, and the he’ll say: ‘Ho-ho!'”
Piglet shivered a little at the thought of that “Ho-ho!” and his ears began to twitch.
“W-what will you say?” he asked.
Pooh tried of think of something he would say, but the more he thought, the more he felt that there is no real answer to “Ho-ho!” said by a Heffalump in the sort of voice this Heffalump was going to say it in.
“I shan’t say anything,” said Pooh at last. ” I shall just hum to myself, as if I was waiting for something.”
“Then perhaps he’ll say ‘Ho-ho!’ again?” suggested Piglet anxiously.
“He will,” said Pooh.
Piglet ears twitched so quickly that he had to lean them agains the side of the Trap to keep them quiet.
“He will say it again,” said Pooh, “and I shall go on humming. And that will Upset him. Because when you say “Ho-ho!’ twice, in a gloating sort of way, and the other person only hums, you suddenly find, just as you begin to say it the third time that — that — well, you find –”
“That it isn’t,” said Pooh.
“Isn’t what?”
Pooh knew what he meant, but, being a Bear of Very Little Brain, couldn’t think of the words. “Well, it’s just isn’t,” he said again. “You mean it isn’t ho-ho-ish any more?” said Piglet hopefully.
Pooh looked at him admiringly and said that that was what he meant — if you went on humming all the time, because you couldn’t go on saying “Ho-ho!” for ever.
“But he’ll say something else,” said Piglet.
“That’s just it. He’ll say: ‘What’s all this?’ And then I shall say — and this is a very good idea, Piglet,
which I’ve just thought of — I shall say: ‘It’s a trap for a Heffalump which I’ve made, and I’m waiting for the Heffalump to fall in.’ And I shall go on humming. That will Unsettle him.” ~ from The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne

Ha, that cracks me up!  In my opinion this is far superior to any Disney version, but then the book is always better than the movie anyway.  :)

I was looking for a sweet image like this to post with my Pooh excerpt:

pooh and piglet

But found these instead:


Courtesy of Past Expiry Cartoon


pooh swine flu

To participate in this meme go to Homesteaders Heart!

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  1. I love Pooh! And those extra’s at the bottom are too funny.
    Happy Friday to you.

  2. I love the pooh cartoons!! :o) Happy weekend!!

  3. LOL, I ‘specially enjoyed the Pooh thought! Thanks for a much-needed laugh!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  4. Oh these were precious, and I really liked the story.

    Have a blessed weekend♥

  5. LOL! Too cute!

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