Thursday Thirteen Things I’d Enjoy on a Trip Back in Time…Cont.

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If I could somehow travel back to a time when kitchens were done in harvest gold, before 30 was old, when Elvis was King, Ali was in the ring, before Wal-Mart opened shops, when bell bottoms went with handkerchief tops, or beyond but I wasn’t allowed to make major changes (like buy stocks in microsoft or something); I would…

1.  …gladly spend one thin dime at a pay phone to call Ma Bell or some such place just so I would not have to hear, “Press one for English.”

2.   …treat myself to some yummy marshmallow coconut cookies that I can no longer find.

3.  …I’d go to the library and use the card catalog on paper and not have to worry about there being an open computer or too many logged on so that it takes forever to use the computerized system.

4.   …watch an old TV program and not have to turn down the volume when the commercial came on.

5.  …play some instant win games from products like Dr. Pepper, without having to log on and sign up online to win.  Just turn the cap in at the store and get a free soda.

6. …enjoy the slower pace, of no multi-tasking – no cell-phones, no headphones, no gadgets to keep us from interacting with real in the real world.

7.  …check out the children’s clothes and notice how easy it is to buy slips for little girls and dresses with lace like little girls’ clothes should look, instead of the teeny lingerie that passes as clothes in the girls’ section today.

8.  …listen to people say what they think without being afraid of offending the PC police, within reason of course.  It just seems people go too far with the PC stuff today.

9.  …go and have a bite at the restaurant and not be afraid of getting salmanilla from the lettuce.

10.  …ride in the car and enjoy the freedom of not being belted, less traffic, and not worry about locking the door once I arrived!

11.  …eat recipes (like ice cream, banana split dessert) with raw eggs and not worry about getting sick.

12.  …enjoy a lazy Sunday because nothing but the church and nature would be open.

13.  …buy food and leave it set out and see how long before the bugs come and compare it to the dead food we eat now, that even the bugs won’t touch!

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  1. Oh they are so sweet…makes me nostalgic…I wish me could also Turn back time :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy TT!

  2. I love my computer, but really, really miss the old card catalogs.

  3. I definitely relate to #4 and #7! There’s hardly anything else in the world that irritates me nearly as much as the volume increase in commercials which is made especially bad at my house because the hubby is hard of hearing and normally cranks the volume up to deafening decibels anyway. Ouch!

  4. Thanks for the blast from the past. Happy TT!

  5. aww i love this :D

    this is fantastic :D

    Happy TT

    Click Here For My Thursday-13

  6. I want to come with when you take your trip back in time! I want a card catalog in the library, little girl’s clothes that don’t have a slogan written across the little behind, and even though I’d forgotten them until you reminded me – I Want a Marshmallow Coconut Cookie!

  7. There is something to be said and greatly appreciated about all of these things old.

    Wishing you a scent-sational TT!

  8. These answers are so wonderful . . .

  9. […] Thirteen Things I’d Enjoy on a Trip Back in Time (Continued) […]

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