Daybook June 22


FOR TODAY June 22, 2009…

Outside my window… we are having triple digit heat, on this first day of summer!

I am thinking… of how simple everything was when Mama’s kiss could cure anything.

I am thankful for… hand-me-down clothes!

From the learning rooms…we are almost finished with Saxon Math! 

From the kitchen… tacos.

I am wearing… clothes.

I am creating… goals, plans, dreams and schemes.

I am going… to  “wear a smile hold my head up high and say, I’m happy in the Lord anyway!”

I am reading… Front Porch Tales by Philip Gulley.

I am wishing (praying/hoping)… it would rain just pour out from on High!  We need your touch, we need it so much!

I am hearing… summer locusts, birds, airplanes above, the dryer tumble, gospel music, and children.

Around the house… There is no time for play. There is no time for fun. There is no times for games. There is work to be done!

One of my favorite things… is triumph of good over evil!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  church, perhaps sewing,, and the library.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing… 

Watermellon Cake Frosted 

The watermelon cake I made on July 4th!

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  1. Tell me about the heat! Ack! I’ve had enough and summer has just started! Ptuiiiiii. Tacos sound good and do you think a kiss would save me from the heat? !!! The watermelon cake looks delicious.

  2. Yep, a kiss works, but only if you are 7 or younger! :)

  3. My mom’s kisses and hugs still go far when I let them !;)

    May the rain comes soon… and may you find the time to play along the way !

  4. I enjoyed reading your daybook! And great cake photo!!

    Happy Monday!

    Linda C

  5. Ooh, triple digit heat …. I think you may need to make another watermelon cake, mix up a nice, iced watermelon drink (I saw the recipe on another blog but remember which one it was – it looked so cool and refreshing), take a break, forget the work for a short while, and enjoy the cake, drink and rest :)

    God Bless,

  6. Expand on the you’re almost finshed with Saxon math part. ??

  7. Chris,
    Just that we are about to finish this year’s book and break for summer as our year runs from August – June with December and July off (and with breaks througout the year. :)

  8. Thank you for linking your Simple Woman’s Daybook at Grandmother Wren’s last week.
    Please stop by this week and add your link again. I’d love to see this continue throughout the summer, allowing us to stay in touch with other Daybookers during Peggy’s vacation.
    Please keep coming back –
    I look forward to seeing you!

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