Thursday 13 “Back to School” Memories

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Going back to school was great for 13 reasons:

  1. Back to school shopping!
  2. New Big Chief tablets, new supplies and a cigar box and a tote bag (before kids needed huge “packpacks”) to put them in!
  3. New Beginnings!  Nothing better than a fresh start!
  4. The preparations the night before and all the anticipation!
  5. The aroma of: a newly opened box of crayons,chalk dust, and paste (and the yummy taste!  Oh, how I miss paste!) and purple ink from the ditto paper!
  6. Making new friends!
  7. Seeing old friends I hadn’t seen all summer!
  8. New shoes – the winter brown suede ones not the tennis shoes or flip flops (we called them something else in the midwest but it’s name has a different meaning today) we wore in the summer.
  9. New clothes (or “new” to us).  Of course it was still warm and there was no a/c when Mama would line us up and go through the fall/winter closet to try on the clothes hanging there.  We would dress and undress and the clothes would stick to our small sweaty bodies.  When our favorite outfit no longer fit we would try to convince Mama it did.  When a not-so-favorite  outfit did fit, we tried to convince her it did not.
  10. Being in a new classroom with a new teacher in a new grade!
  11. New lunch boxes packed with a special first day lunch – Spam!
  12. Coming home and telling my family all about my first day!
  13. And the promise of autumn!

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  1. Great memories. I can remember the butterflies I’d get each year. I sure am glad those days are over.

  2. i miss school now :(

    Essence of Libra

  3. This is a wonderful list and surely did take me back

  4. Very cool list! I agree totally. There really is something about starting school that makes you feel like you have a clean slate. Happy TT.

  5. I was really surprised to learn, with my daughter starting kindergarten this year, that the school provides the kids’ supplies. We just needed to buy a backpack (and clothes, of course). Plus we chose an item to supply as a classroom need at the open house, but that was optional.

    I was really looking forward to choosing cool pens, notebooks, etc., too!

  6. We are from the same era! I’m so laughing at the good tasting paste (Yeah, I thought it tasted good too, lol). We have a lot of the same memories of school! Although I had bologna sandwiches, not Spam, lol.

    I created a cartoon design for my blog post First Day of School that I think you’ll relate to. I also put it up on my store because it turned out so cute: School Dazed!

    Anyway, My TT this week is: Thirteen Fun Sites for Totally Wasting Time

  7. I miss school need to finish my college soon… 1 sem left and I am finish…hopefully…Thatnks for the T13 entry…tc

  8. Great list. I have loved back to school since I was a child. Now my kids do too :)

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