Not Like the Others

Three Word Wednesday prompt –  engulf, imminent, tamper

Here’s my entry:

The feelings of doom began to engulf me as the imminent danger was ever-growing closer.  I knew someone had been trying to tamper with the evidence.  I could no longer trust any of my comrades.  I had before and I vowed I would not make that mistake again.  I walked out of the building trying to blend in with my surroundings.  I causally made my way to the bench beneath the huge oak tree.  Here, I would have the perfect view of the target.  A light breeze blew and a leaf fell from above and landed on my uniform.  I brushed it away and squinted into the afternoon sun. 

My patience paid off, the three of them came around the corner giggling like little school girls.  A piece of paper fell out of one of their pockets.  Was it a trap?  How much time should I wait to go over and retrieve it?  What if someone got there first?  A boy passed in front of me.  The paper was gone!  No, still there.  My pace quickened.  A bell rang in the distance.  “Come quickly children, ” a teacher cried.  Just a few more steps and I would have the paper in my hand.  I stumbled and fell. 

Icy fingers closed around my neck, “Come this way, young lady!  The bell rang.  It’s time to come in from recess,” Sister Mary said as she forced me back in line.  “I can’t imagine what goes on inside that head of hers,” I heard her say as she walked into the building. 

“She is not like the others.”

Sister Agnes sadly shakes her head in agreement.

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Today’s prompt for Carry On Tuesday is #72 –

It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope

It started to rain as I looked out the window, my teddy bear snuggled tightly to my chest.  I looked up and down the street for the white Ford pickup with the dent in the driver’s side door. 

“Please, Daddy, come this time,”  I whisper.

I glanced down at my suitcase already packed and ready to go.  On top was a coloring page I had colored just for him.  It was a picture of a train all in blue, his favorite color. 

Splashing water unto the sidewalk is a red car . . . a blue van . . . a white truck-  no only a Suburban.

Mama tells me to come away from the window but I don’t want to.  It’s growing darker and the headlights blur in the distance.  The sounds of pans banging echo from the kitchen as Mama prepares dinner. 

“Honey, how ’bout some mac ‘n cheese?  Come away from the window and come help me set the table.” 

“Mama, he’s gonna come.  I don’t want to miss him!”

But Mama only gives me that look she does whenever we talk about Daddy.

I sit Teddy beside me and pretend to feed him some mac ‘n cheese.  I don’t feel much like eating.  Daddy is going to take me to McDonald’s and then we are going to go to his house and I’m going to put my train picture on his refrigerator.

Back at the window my eyes grow tired straining to see the white Ford.  I hear Mama in the other room and she’s on the phone.  She’s angry.  I wish she wouldn’t get so mad at him.  If she didn’t get so mad, maybe he wouldn’t have left. 

“Baby, come on and put your things away.  Daddy can’t make it today,” she says.  There are tears in her eyes. 

I hate her!  Why did she have to make him mad. 

“Want to watch a video?  We can pop some popcorn and cuddle on the sofa?” 
“I want my blanket” I say as I turn and run to my room.  I shut the door and throw myself on my bed and curl up with Teddy as tears stream down my face. 

My pillow is wet when I wake up the next morning.  It started out as a feeling which then grew into a hope.  I know he will come today, I tell myself.

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Friday Fill-Ins


And…here we go!

1. Family – gives life meaning!_____

2. __With my decision-making, I tend to go___ back and forth.

3. I love a __good book, a cool breeze, and sand beneath my feet___.

4. __A sandwich___ makes a good meal.

5. I’ve got the _joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart . . .___

6. _Today I feel like pound sign, question mark, star, exclamation point ___: wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to __rest___, tomorrow my plans include __a festival___ and Sunday, I want to __plan my week___!

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