Not Like the Others

Three Word Wednesday prompt –  engulf, imminent, tamper

Here’s my entry:

The feelings of doom began to engulf me as the imminent danger was ever-growing closer.  I knew someone had been trying to tamper with the evidence.  I could no longer trust any of my comrades.  I had before and I vowed I would not make that mistake again.  I walked out of the building trying to blend in with my surroundings.  I causally made my way to the bench beneath the huge oak tree.  Here, I would have the perfect view of the target.  A light breeze blew and a leaf fell from above and landed on my uniform.  I brushed it away and squinted into the afternoon sun. 

My patience paid off, the three of them came around the corner giggling like little school girls.  A piece of paper fell out of one of their pockets.  Was it a trap?  How much time should I wait to go over and retrieve it?  What if someone got there first?  A boy passed in front of me.  The paper was gone!  No, still there.  My pace quickened.  A bell rang in the distance.  “Come quickly children, ” a teacher cried.  Just a few more steps and I would have the paper in my hand.  I stumbled and fell. 

Icy fingers closed around my neck, “Come this way, young lady!  The bell rang.  It’s time to come in from recess,” Sister Mary said as she forced me back in line.  “I can’t imagine what goes on inside that head of hers,” I heard her say as she walked into the building. 

“She is not like the others.”

Sister Agnes sadly shakes her head in agreement.

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  1. I wonder what is written in that paper!

    colours lay bare my soul

  2. I’m with Gautami… I want to know what’s on the paper..and what makes her so different. Good job!

    And, I know what you mean about the fines! I had one patron whose kids had put a basket of books in the closet in the spare bedroom… she found them after a year. While she was writing out the check, she said she wasn’t going to tell her husband it was late fees.. just that she had decided to make a contribution to the library. :-)

  3. It does leave you wondering about a lot of things.

  4. Well written, clever, I liked it.

  5. Gripping tale.

  6. ohhh, i so like this simply b/c….

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