If I should die . . .

If I should die, think only this of me:

He had faith, love and charity
His years were filled with hilarity

He had about a million pets
He once was stitched up by a vet

He broke girls’ hearts when he was young
In his Texan mother tongue

He sported a single rose tattoo
His eyes they flashed a hazel hue

Tongue of silver, hair of black
For building things he had a knack

Chose the service instead of school
Ignored the Bible, the golden rule

Did things for which he isn’t proud
Broke the promise that he vowed

He became a father at twenty-one
By year complete, a second son 

He left big Tex, he left his ex
His life derailed from off the tracks

A decade spent in long vacation
From the Lord and obligation

Found comfort from within a bottle
Pills and weeds and powdered poison
Eyes wide shut foot full throttle

Doing time in eighty-nine
A two week stint without a dime

A promise to God, a last recourse
As best he could he stayed on course

As fate would have it in  ’98
He met a girl and set a date

Five years later two became five
Reason to live, dream, and thrive

And when his time on earth was done
He yelled with love, ya’ll have fun!

I went a little silly with this one.  I should probably drop the pill line, shouldn’t I?  Let me know what you think!  :)
Inspired by Carry On Tuesday’s prompt “If I should die, think only this of me:”
I’m also joining “Poetry Potluck” this week. 
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  1. wow- wat a story!

  2. Don’t drop a thing. It’s all part of the honesty that makes this work so well.

  3. five years later, two becomes five.
    learn and thrive…

    what a growing love.

  4. Thanks for the input, Eric!

  5. sounds like agrea life to me. around the world ad lived to tell about. Nice writing

  6. Sounds like he had a full life. Excellent.

  7. Silly or not this is a fun read and uplifting as well. Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  8. I like the casual and slightly humorous feel of this while imparting facts loaded with emotional content. Don’t drop anything,


  9. What a tale, I agree don’t drop a thing I love the rhythm this poem has!

  10. You just leave it as it is…….it’s all just fine and dandy!

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