All Hallow’s Eve

Inspired by 3 Word Wednesday’s prompt:  fragile, rampant, tremor
I’m also sharing with Jingle Poetry Potluck.

All Hallow’s Eve

Dressed completely in black, from the pointy brimmed hat
To the nails on her toes,
She was dirty and crusty and a stench there arose
Apparently it came from her hair and her clothes.
A spider was crawling on the bump on her back,
Her skin was the color of a brown paper sack.

Her eyes-how they swirled! her nose how immense!
Her cheeks were like leather, her face an offense!
Her toothless ugly grin down my spine sent a tremor,
A beam of moonlight on her hair made it dance, made it shimmer
The handle of a spoon she held tight in her claws,
And the liquid in the pot – it defied nature’s laws.
A fragile crystal ball reflected her fat cat,
That rampantly chased a deceased sewer rat!

She was ancient and bent, the most hideous hag,
And I trembled when I saw her, and I started to gag!
A spell from her lips, and a flick from her wrist,
Soon I’d have millions and more than I wished.

She spoke in a tongue archaic part gothic
She shot an ogle at me and licked a dry lick
Then pricking my finger with sharpened Skene Du
She added my blood to the bubbling brew

She opened three bags, and filled them with dough,
She shrieked, “A promised kiss, handsome, before ye can go.”
“Crone, can’t you see, you’re much too ugly for a rich man like me!
Happy All Hallow’s Eve” I ran shouting with glee!

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  1. Fun! I see last week’s words in there, too; well done!

  2. Haa i like it. :)

  3. I just loved this, an absolute delight to read, so well done!!!

  4. wow..lovely :)

  5. “Her cheeks were like leather, her face an offense!” Great line!

    Really fun, and perfect for the season!

  6. ha. that was a fun read…esp smiles at the close…was just a bit tense before that….happy halloween!

    thanks for the warm regard today as well!

  7. lol..well written.Happy Halloween!

  8. Oh boy. A woman scorned is bad enough, but a witch scorned? Methinks your ending might be forthcoming! This was terrific!

  9. Great Hallow’s eve story, and you painted a one hideous hag….he better run fast…bkm

  10. hmmm i am suspicious of that unkept promised kis…. change me

  11. This was a fun read.

  12. I loved this!

  13. :-) That’s great! I love it.

    My 3WW

  14. What delightful fun! I hope the rich dude gets away and finds a better partner. This one seems a little rough around the edges of the social skills…

  15. Funny ballad! Greatly enjoyed it.

  16. Enjoyed. Happy Halloween!

  17. Am back from my little three day vacation, and I thought I’d just ask if you’d like to include this in Poetry Potluck so that you get more readers. It will be up here tonight. Meanwhile, check out the first post for today: Sunday Rally Dispatch. it’s news and info of interest to poets and writers.

    Happy Halloween. Thanks for stopping by my site.

    Jamie Dedes
    Musing by Moonlight

  18. Very interesting take on the Halloween prompt. I loved it!! Here’s mine

  19. Oh, this is so good. Really like how you took this. Really good rhyming and flow.
    My Potluck is here:

  20. Yeah and Maria Leboux (sp)zapped him into a frog :) Loved the imagery and graphics. It was like I was smelling the brew. Nicely done

  21. Happy halloween…perfect read for the eve :)

  22. Who says Marie Laveau should always win. :)

  23. Fun read…nicely done.

  24. Nice little piece, I am almost afraid that I will see this creature in my dreams tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Great story.. and developing the character… I enjoyed reading it…
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  26. Happy Belated Halloween,
    Thanks form the creepy sentiments your words create.

  27. tis is fun!

  28. Lovely description, reminded me of all the witches I’d drawn at school!
    And a cute ending, which is my type of thing!

  29. Wickedly fun Potluck entry!

  30. Your poem has fabulous imagery–I enjoyed it.

  31. Scorned and scary… great imagery.

  32. lol- similar theme in mine. Fun!

  33. Hilarious and delightful! Awww, you couldn’t even give her a kiss? ;p

  34. Please help giving (belated) birthday wishes to 3 or 4 fellow poets:

    Thanks a lot for the support.
    Happy November!
    Your presence adds light to our space, keep shining!

  35. That sure was descriptive! But I loved he way you ended it!! What a twist!! Am glad your sense of humor didn’t betray you :)

    A fun read indeed!! Thanks for sharing this one…

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